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Sizzling Summer Décor Inspiration

It’s time to welcome the warm weather and lighten the look of your home for the summer! Whether you’re preparing for a summer BBQ or simply enjoying the air conditioning, your house should be the perfect summery spot. Check out some of our favorite design ideas to shift your home into summer style:

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Design Tips: Masculine Living for The Modern Man

Interior design may not come naturally to all men. However, with a few tips, a masculine sensibility can shine through in great design, making your space feel more personalized and grown-up. Whether you're a swingin' bachelor or a family man, your style should help...

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Battle of the Sexes: Balancing His and Her Home Décor

Arguably, everything in life is about balance, but this is especially true when it comes to interior decorating. Balance juxtaposition is key in decorating feminine and masculine furnishings, textures, and etc. In Feng Shui, the interaction of Yin (feminine) and Yang...

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Are The Colors In Your Space Influencing Your Mood?

With spring fever in full swing, many people have begun to collect new color swatches to freshen up their space. You mull over the endless selection in your local paint store before finally deciding on a color that—let’s face it—you’re still not 100 percent sure...

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As the principal designer at Pamela Hope Designs, I provide creative solutions to a variety of residential and commercial clients.

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