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It’s All in the Details

I love visualizing what our completed projects will look like in print. We were so honored and thrilled to win many design awards last year and look forward to submitting new projects during award season. “Shooting for the Cover” was a headline I kept in mind during...

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5 Ways to Make Your Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

Oftentimes, your bathroom is one of the smallest spaces in your home. However, your bathroom is also one of the rooms with the highest amount of foot traffic, so it’s important that your space be both stylish and functional. Most people believe that you need to...

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Coffee Table Essentials

When it comes to designing a living room, there are certain pieces that are a must. Of course you have your seating and lighting, but what about a spot to put your drink? That’s right – we’re talking coffee tables! Coffee tables actually get their name from being a...

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5 Tips to Customize Your Home Without Paint

Painting is one of the simplest ways to add flair to your home, so what do you do when your landlord or property manager doesn’t allow you to tint your walls? Or maybe you simply aren’t ready to commit to adding a splash of color to the interior of your home quite...

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As the principal designer at Pamela Hope Designs, I provide creative solutions to a variety of residential and commercial clients.

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