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Ways to Organize Your Bathroom in Style

Let’s face it, the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house. Whether it’s getting ready for the day or taking a relaxing bubble bath, we spend a fair amount of time in the bathroom. It’s easy to have a messy bathroom when you’re rushing to get ready for...

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Designing a Bedroom Your Child Won’t Quickly Outgrow

When it comes to decorating a child’s bedroom, it’s easy to go with a theme that they are currently obsessed with like princesses, animals, cars, or super heroes. However, kids go through phases of what they’re into and what they like faster than you’d think....

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It’s Summertime!

The sun is shining, we are starting to feel more moved in, and our office is coming together nicely. We just installed custom-painted vintage doors on barn-door hardware. These doors came out of the old house originally on the lot, and now that they are in our...

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Have You Heard? We’ve Moved!

We've been planning our studio move for what seems like forever. With more space, storage and tall ceilings we couldn't ask for more. We are more or less moved into our beautiful new studio. It may not be at its prettiest yet (see the photo below to prove it) but we...

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As the principal designer at Pamela Hope Designs, I provide creative solutions to a variety of residential and commercial clients.

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