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Living Room Essentials

Easy Tips for your living room   Living rooms are special! Living rooms are essential to every home, and, of course, have the most visitors. Everyone wants their living room to make a statement and capture the eye of their guests. When decorating your living room,...

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Great Days of Summer!

My twin girls are getting ready for back to school and I am sure everyone else is ready to get back to a normal family routine. I know we are at the Smith residence!  We have enjoyed the summer at Pamela Hope Designs.  My daughter Mia has come to the office with me a...

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How to Accessorize Your Interior Design Fabrics

Accessories that are Fab-ric:    Accessories are crucial in interior designing. If you choose to add throw pillows as opposed to not adding pillows, it will have a huge effect when you walk into a room!  Accessories help tell the story of any design for any part...

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Interior Decorating tips for Summer

Summer season is a season everyone waits for. Summer vacations, family gatherings, and countless childhood sleepovers! Redecorating for summer doesn’t have to be that difficult or expensive. Summer cleaning is essential to maintaining a clean and cozy home. Here are...

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As the principal designer at Pamela Hope Designs, I provide creative solutions to a variety of residential and commercial clients.

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