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How to Conquer Closet Clutter for Good

Tips to Conquer Clutter   Sometimes it seems that without closets, our homes would be filled with clutter. Instead, closets turn into dark, messy spaces that attract all the bits and bobs that you forget about. This is especially true when it comes to our bedroom...

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6 Pet Spaces Your Home Needs

Pet Decor Your Home Needs   Pets are our best friends. There’s no denying that! However, they’re not always easy to live with. From finding a strategic place for their water dish to finding pet-friendly upholstery, designing space for dogs and cats is often a factor...

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Where to Splurge in the Dining Room

Dining Room Details     When redesigning a home, the first thing we do is set a budget. Once your budget is set, it’s important to know where exactly you should splurge and buy quality pieces. If you’re committed to creating a beautiful room that will age...

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