Confidence Begins At Home

Great design inspires confidence that follows you, whether at work or at play, to dinner or a meeting or throughout your day.  Confidence begins at home and follows you the rest of your life.

Design is an expression of your personality and taste. From couples to business owners, design should reflect your finest qualities.  Design greets you at the door when you return home or enter your office.  It greets your guests and visitors at every occasion.  At Pamela Hope Designs, we create designs that evoke exceptional first impressions that will last.

Throughout the design experience, we include you in as many or as few of the decisions as you like.  Together, we shape your spaces to reflect your personality and that of your family or even the culture and values of your business. We encourage you to open up to new experiences in the design process, along with new textures, new colors, new concepts, new styles—and new ways to express yourself.  Our designs center around inspiring confidence in you.

I began my design career in 2000 out of a passion for adventure and an appreciation for art. Now, we are an award-winning, full-service interior design firm located in Houston, designing spaces around the country.  We do residential and commercial projects, new construction, remodeling, project management, space planning, and color and design consultations. With nearly 45 years of combined design experience and an emphasis on dedication, clear communications, and professionalism, my team and I help create the spaces you long for every day.

Together, we discover the style that inspires confidence in you.

Finding Inspiration

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